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Individual Documents
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Annotated Q2 Plans with Tri-Q Conversion
Customized and annotated specifcally for N8WQ


Composite Education and Repair (RAF)
Rutan/Quickie Aircraft Composites Manual

  Fuselage Construction
Photos and Logs
  Wing Construction
Photos and Logs

Build Logs, Chapters

Organized like the Time and Task Spreadsheet

(photos, notes, construction techniques, and dates)


N8WQ Time and Task Spreadsheet
Spreadsheet Containing:

  • Date of task
  • Time expended
  • Locale where task performed
  • Task Notes, Builder and inspections
  • Plans section pertaining to task
  • Relevant web-links photos/videos,reports

Chapter 1: Preliminary_Inventory_Purchase_Records

Chapter 2: Construction-Fuselage

Chapter 3: Construction & Mounting-MainWing

Chapter 4: Construction-Control-Systems

Chapter 5: Construction-Empennage

Chapter 6: Construction & Mounting-Canard

Chapter 7: Construction-LandingGear

Chapter 8: Propulsion

Chapter 9: Construction-Fuel Tanks

Chapter 10: Panel_Electrics & Avionics

Chapter 11: Finishing-Painting